Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I feel a bit tired. Just went to buy vegetables for the cook to make. I wouldn't be disappointed if I never have to buy vegetables again but I know that for the rest of my life I will be buying vegetables every week if not more. I had a cup of coffee and it has only helped make me feel sleepy. Lana Del Rey is crooning away,"Kiss me hard before you go" summer time sadness and I'm becoming sad listening to it.

Ninna seems to be going through a phase. She tore a box of sweets to shreds yesterday and peed in the bedroom and ofcourse I had to clean it all up. Sometimes life is less than satisfactory. That's the quality of life, it will make you amazingly happy one day and make you incredibly sad the next. I'm a poem kind of sad. May be I should try to write one. It's been such a long time since I wrote a poem. Or I could eat but I'm just not hungry. Coffee and cigarettes will do that to you.

Sometimes things don't make sense. In fact if you think long enough about anything you will end up with the nagging feeling that you know so very little about the inner working of life, it's events, it's successes and it's failures and all that lies in between. I started writing the book again and managed to finish the second chapter. I want to start the third chapter but I'm just way too tired. Why am I so tired? May be it's all the sweets I've been having these days. I really need to stop that and eat more chapati and greens.

Diseases make no sense. They come in the way of life and become an integral part of it. I've hated taking medicines all my life and now I have to take several pills each day. I'm tired and my rant is finished.

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soulitude said...

"Im the poem kind of sad" is such a lovely line! I identified with each and every line in this post except ofcrse the ones pertaining to Ninna! There is a song that comes to mind now.. rather two songs! One is 'zindagi kaisi hai paheli hai' and the other is ' tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi'! Both are my favourites and this post just evoked them!