Sunday, September 16, 2012

Childhood memories

So I read this post on a blog which listed childhood memories and I loved it so I thought why not do the same for my blog which is read by two and a half people. But those two and a half people are very loyal if nothing else and they deserve something interesting every now and then.

My earliest memory is being at my maternal Grandmother's house in Defence Colony in Muradnagar, a small town in UP. There was a farm in front of the house with yellow mustard flowers that swayed in the breeze. I used to collect beetles all day thinking they were lost. I would put them in a box and bring them home. My grandmother would let them out every time I collected them. I would wonder for a long time where they went. I would go each morning and bring them back only to lose them the next day. The ritual went on for a long time and became my first memory.

On my birthday when I was about seven years old my father got me a red Hero bicycle. It was a big expense for him which I didn't know then although what I did know was that he stood in the June sun getting it assembled and got it for me. My father tried to teach me how to ride the bike and somehow my foot came in the tyre spokes. I was in bed for a month and afraid to put my foot on the floor. Finally my mother forced me to stand up and walk. She did that for me many times even when I grew up. She's an amazing woman.

I had a plastic duck with steel wheels for legs and it made a racket when I dragged it behind me holding it with a string. I remember we lived in a one room house with an attached kitchen and bathroom. My sister wasn't born then. I would walk in a circle making noise driving my mother nuts. I loved my plastic duck. I wonder where it went.

My hair was always kept short by my mother. I cried and yelped to let me grow it long but my mother maintained that I would not be able to take care of my hair so I had the infamous boy cut till I got to tenth grade and rebelled. I still remember going to the barber for my haircut. Most of the time it was so short that a little tail was visible on the back of my head. Oh how I hated it! And no I didn't look pretty like Hermione. I simply looked like a boy. I can give you an example of how bad it was. We had moved to Delhi recently and I was standing at the gate of my house wearing pants with a bib attached to it when a boy came up to me and said,"Kanche khelega?" Wanna play marbles? So I just said ,"No"
I was a tomboy for the longest time and playing in the sun was my favourite activity.
That's all for now folks but I will continue this post soon. Cheerio!

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soulitude said...

Firstly who is the half? And secondly 'they are loyal, if 'nothing else'??!!!! I take offense and demand an explanation, lol! Ok Im serious now!!! :)

Lovely post! Childhood is such a happy place to visit every now and then! Sometimes I wish we cud stay there permanantly atleast for the sake of innocence and 'joy without a cause'! My mum also always had my hair cut short though not boy cut cos I just detested the latter! One off when it was cut really short I was so upset and am sure mustve made that more than obvious! And parents do so much and the best for us even then and even now and we rarely realise it! God bless them! My most vivid memory was that of my doll house.. such a girl I was, lol!