Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The drive

I've written before about my love of driving and I'm going to do that again. I cannot stress the sheer therapeutic power of  singing at the top of your lungs in your car whilst driving very very fast. I mean it's not that I was in any hurry to get home but being in the fast lane in Dubai has a thrill all its own. I usually drive in the second lane so that I don't have to be hyper vigilant of the traffic but today it was a pleasure to drive at exactly 119 Kms/hr. If you exceed that, you pay a hefty fine. I've only ever paid a speeding fine twice. The first time was when I had just got the spanking new Pajero and couldn't help but push the pedal. The second time I was hopelessly lost, in fact I was so lost that I never reached my destination. In my anxiety I was driving too fast over a flyover and got flashed by the radar. I must have looked really annoyed in my picture.

Today the drive was perfect and I sang "It's a beautiful day" along with Bono and for a moment there everything was absolutely perfect.

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