Saturday, June 04, 2016

Nice guys

I saw the trailer of 'Nice guys' recently and it was so funny that Natasha and I went to watch it today. Ryan Gosling has some serious comedy chops. I was pleasantly surprised. Russell Crowe was alright. The movie is nice comic fluff. Worth one watch.

The whole mall seems to be under renovation. They're planning to make it much bigger. I don't know if I'm thrilled about that. It's one mall I've become so accustomed to. I like that it has just one floor and is basically in a straight line. Well, as long as Shakespeare Cafe remains to be where it is I'll live with all the renovations.

Natasha used to work for me for a short period of time. At that point there wasn't enough time to really get to know her but I always liked her. She came across as a sweet and shy girl. We connected on Facebook and at some point decided we should meet up and I'm so glad that we did because now we're as thick as thieves. She looks a lot like my sister and I'm always reminded of her when I meet Natasha. You know, when you're an expat your friends become your family. She's family.

I have a small circle of friends I meet one on one mostly because they don't know each other. But I'm so blessed and so loved. I thank God each day for giving me such wonderful friends. May you all know such deep and lasting friendships in your life!

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