Monday, June 06, 2016


Every other week on a Monday evening I attend Toastmasters meeting. It's a social club and the members present speeches. The objectives of the speeches rise with each level. There's a snack break during which we all have fifteen minutes to gobble up amazing samosas and parathas with white chickpeas curry. We joke around about it all the time saying that we just come for the snacks.

But seriously, I cannot describe how much value this club has added to my life. The speeches are always filled with human stories. Stories of courage and positivity and great dollops of humour. Some of the senior members are amazing speakers and sometimes the new members can surprise you with a stellar speech like Graziella did today.

I got there early today and took lots of pictures of flowers around the venue. These are my favourites. Such happy flowers.

It's late in the night and I have to prepare for a meeting so I'll be up a while longer even though I'd like nothing better than to lay my head on the pillow and walk into my dreams. Goodnight people!

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