Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Give me that pout!

Yesterday was another amazing and fun Toastmasters Meeting with our rockstar Toastmaster of the day Sandeep taking us through three hours organised so perfectly, my critical eye couldn't find a single glitch! The theme of the day was selfies, a subject close to my heart because I'm so in love with taking selfies! This selfie within a selfie won the best selfie award. I love this picture! Thank you to our new President Abdel Rehman for this gem!

Some interesting facts about selfies were revealed for example the first selfie ever taken was in 1920! The men's loo was not functional so out Seargent at arms said the gents could go to the park outside which left us all in splits!

That's Sohayla, she's from Syria and she delievered her third speech today. She spoke wonderfully about the holy month of Ramadan. Doesn't she look absolutely radiant!

See what I'm talking about! For a moment I thought to myself,"When was the last time I saw so many people laughing and smiling at the same time??" This has to be one of the most recorded moments in Dubai Toastmasters history! And I was so thrilled to be a part of it.

That's Smita and she was the secret lady with whom the selfie had to be taken. A wonderful thing about being in a club like this is that you meet wonderful people with a killer sense of humour to boot! When I said,"You have such lovely curly hair!" She replied,"Ya but no one takes me seriously! I look like I'm ready to go to a party all the time." I was in stitches!

I love the of energy of Toastmasters meeting. There is always something inspiring to take away from it. Yesterday Emmanuel talked about working towards your dreams. Write them down he said. If you want a car, decide which one, model, colour and cost. Then work towards making it happen. Create goals for yourself. You will be a winner!

That's yours truly pouting for the camera. I loved the meeting yesterday and let's raise our glasses to many many more of them!

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