Friday, June 03, 2016


I almost forgot to post today. The day was so quiet and peaceful and I was generally so relaxed that I almost retired with my book. Now I'm writing this post on my phone, sitting happily in bed, all warm and comfortable. I like this technology thing. It allows you so much freedom.

I went for a long drive with Anshuman and we drove and drove and ended up at a deserted petrol station with an equally deserted McDonald's. I got myself a fish fillet burger and an icecream. The staff looked so bored. Poor things, stuck at McDonald's on a Friday night. I could feel their boredom emanating like a waft of smoke.

We got a little lost on the way back and Anshuman said," I don't know where the hell we are." I said,"I really don't care." It made us laugh and eventually we found our way home. Now everyone has been fed. Mili is sitting next to me and staring at my face. I should let her lick my face and cuddle her or else she will keep staring at me until I do.

I hope for many more such lovely days. And I wish you all a lovely evening! I'll come back tomorrow!

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