Friday, October 31, 2014

Mall rat

So I gave in to the craving for a furniture store and decided to go to Mirdiff City Centre (MCC). I must pat myself on the back for getting there without getting lost. I've realised that I'm really quite good at reading maps. If only I could figure out the shortest route to get back home too. And that's why every time I go to a new place I get a tank full of gas just in case I end up in Sharjah or worse. I felt like such a winner parking so close to the lifts I said a little"Yay!" inside.

 My favourite has to be Cottage Chic. I love the lavenders and pinks and lace and the frills. It's the ultimate girly girl furniture, home accessories and little knick knacks. Somehow every time I go into this store it puts me in a peaceful and wonderful mood. Their store in MCC is a sprawling space and so so beautiful. It was a pleasure to browse around and pick up a little something for hubby. I asked them to gift wrap it just 'cos they do it so well. Okay! Okay! I'll reuse the paper baba!! They were going to take some time so I walked around and concluded that I really like this mall. It's spacious, all the stores have plenty of space to display their products, everyone has loads of space to walk around without making sudden movements to get out of the way of oncoming traffic, and there are huge skylights everywhere which makes it naturally bright.

I walked in to Pottery Barn, another store I absolutely love. I drooled all over the scented candles and the pristine white and blue plates and that perfect dining table. These stores make you dream of a home where everything goes with everything and everything is a soothing colour with lots of wood and china thrown around. In my current home nothing goes with anything so I've convinced myself that for that very reason everything goes with everything.

I picked up a cup of Mocha from Starbucks. I mean you gotta love their coffee. I drink coffee so rarely that I loved every single sip.

And then I smelled 'Lush' the handmade soap and cosmetics shop. Oh how glad that smell makes me I cannot explain. I walked in and realised they stopped making my favourite soap 'Devil in the dark' a deep minty fragrance. Why God? Nonetheless I sniffed away with such delight. Those pink balls are bath bombs that put the fizz into a relaxing bubble bath. I ended up passing by 'Lush' three times and it took all my will power to not pick a little heavenly soap.

I browsed, smiled at babies and marvelled at the sheer choice of fragrances that Jo Malone has. I recently threw away an empty bottle of their fig fragrance. Such an unusual lovely smell. Of course it is unusually expensive too. I'm proud to say that aside from the little gift for my husband I didn't shop. So yay for me!

And then I got a little lost driving back home but that's only to be expected. I didn't fret too much and managed to grab an awful thali lunch at Sarvanna Bhojanshala and made it to my Doctor's appointment in time. And now ensconced in my blankie I'm watching one of my favourite Sandra Bullock fluff movies 'Miss Congeniality' as the dog sleeps with her little face resting on my leg and the little tealight illuminates two doves hugging each other. Perfect.  


Gazal said...

You know, this post sends across a faint spray of perfume. the power of words maybe. I wish life was like one of these stores, where you picked up what you liked or better you could still admire all the things you liked even if you couldnt own them.

Parul Gahlot said...

It's my love of perfumes wafting through to you :)