Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ismat Aapa Ke Naam 2

Just got back from watching Ismat Aapa Ke Naam and what a wonderful play it is! Ismat Chugtai's poignant, funny and controversial (for her times) stories were brought to life in the able hands of Naseerudin Shah. Not too many people can carry off a blue suit but Naseer does it with panache. There's a magnetism about him that you can sense from fifty feet away. The appaluse resounded in the lovely DUCTAC theatre for a long time when he walked on to the stage and introduced the three stories to be enacted by three players playing each role. He stays true to the way Ismat Aapa wrote them and after watching the play one can see that he couldn't have improved upon the sheer beauty of the way these tales expose the human condition in all its glory and mess.

The three stories about three different women were enacted by Manoj Pahwa, Seema Pahwa (Badki from Hum Log) and Loveleen Mishra (Chutki from Hum Log). I would love to speak about the three stories in detail but I cannot do that without giving away the plot. All I can say is that Ismat Chugtai was so far ahead of her time and her insight into a woman's heart, her spirit and ability to simply survive almost anything is truly amazing. I read her story 'Lihaaf' which touches on the topic of lesbianism when I was too young to understand it. I remember being quite confused by it but knew enough not to ask. But it stayed with me and now that I understand it I realise why it is one of her best known works. Poornima mentioned how we never read vernacular literature and that's such a pity and I agree. I promise to borrow my mum in law's extensive hindi literature collection the next time I'm in Bombay.

In other news I wore my blingy slippers for the first time and the straps nearly took the skin off my feet so I walked around barefoot in the mall, dangling the shiny painful things in my hand. I went to Michael Kors again. I liked a bag but it's too rich for my blood so I walked away like a good girl. My darling husband forgot where he'd parked the car so I had to walk around in the parking wearing my torture tools for almost twenty minutes by which time we were sweating.

VLCC was giving away free cosmetics. I also got a little bag with face wash and moisturising cream. I slathered it on my feet and arms and realised it's too sticky and then I couldn't wait to wash my hands off it. As always I dropped my change on the floor and then my wallet while buying snacks. It's a miracle I manage to put one foot in front of the other on a daily basis.


Minal Varma said...

I love your posts! Blingy chappals. I had one and went through the same torture.

Parul Gahlot said...

Haha I doubt that I'll ever wear them again. And thank you so much for reading :)