Friday, October 03, 2014


And just like that fourteen years have passed since the day I got married. So many things have changed but one thing has remained the same. We have been the constant in each other's lives as the world transformed around us. There's so much one could say about marriage but I think the best thing about it is that it is so comforting.

I really enjoy going out to dinner on special occasions with my husband. He finds the best places in town and this time too he didn't disappoint. The only thing is that he needs more than a few reminders to make a reservation. I enjoyed getting my ensemble together as I always do. Finally I got to wear red. I usually stay a mile away from it but this Yolanda offering from Sri Lanka was really special. Let me thank the lovely Shikha for guiding me to the store. It's a special dress and needed a special occasion to be taken out to a special place. We went to Rhodes W1 restaurant at The Grosvenor House. I completely fell in love with the place. It was pristine white with subtle pale pastel chairs and walls sprinkled around ever so tastefully. In the middle of the room hung the most beautiful chandelier I've ever laid eyes on. Hundreds of transparent glass butterflies hung from it glimmering in the light. I wanted to take a picture of it but the six people sitting at that table would have certainly laughed at me. Not that being laughed at bothers me. Had I been alone I would have taken a shot but I didn't want to embarrass my darling hubby.

Our server, a young man called Alex suggested a ginger mocktail but I stuck to Lemonade. Anshuman ordered the mocktail. When the drinks came Anshuman wanted more orange juice in it. I loved his drink so he offered to switch. When Alex came back he was surprised,"Oh you switched!" He looked confused with the orange juice in his hand. I couldn't help but laugh and assured him everything was perfect.

As always I took selfies galore and made this one my profile picture on Facebook. Sometimes someone gives you such a beautiful compliment it makes your day. My friend Vishika who I have not met for the longest time commented on this picture saying,"Straight out of Casablanca". To be compared to Ingrid Bergman is the highest compliment ever. So let me thank you again Vishika for your kind words. Though I must mention that the camera on my phone is truly smart. It clears up the blemishes on my skin. Makes my pores disappear. And black and white pictures are just beautiful by nature.

Today we drove down to Ras Al Khaimah to meet Bhawna, my sole faithful reader. She has a lovely home in Al Hamra Village. It's a beautiful quiet place with streets named Berlin and Dublin. There we are Anisha, Jitin, Anshuman, me and Bhawna posing for a picture in her garden. I got a chance to wear my lovely moonstone necklace. Bhawna cooked up a yummy meal with Kadhi and Paneer Capsicum. I love home cooked veggie food and was so content after the meal I wanted to stretch out on the couch and fall asleep.

 I met Bhawna's friends Jitin and Anisha for the first time and as is the custom they brought her a gift. I forgot and felt like quite the jackass. I apologised to her for being a jackass and said,"You read my blog right so you know..." She laughed and said,"I wouldn't be surprised if you forget the candles you just got." I got two lovely Cardamom Palm Wax candles from her and she gave me my favourite Cedar one as a wedding anniversary gift. Anshuman liked the Cardamom fragrance better so I got those but Bhawna knows how much I love Cedar and she gave me that. Doesn't it feel amazing when someone does something so very thoughtful?
We drove back listening to the radio as the sun set over the dunes. It was a beautiful sight which stayed by my side for almost a half hour. I tried on Anshuman's shades and realised that they look a lot better on me as compared to my usual wayfarers. They fit better too. And are lighter. So I've stolen them.


Gazal said...

May you always be each others best comfort and each others best friend. Everything else will follow. Happy anniversary.

Parul Gahlot said...

Thank you Gazal! Hugs :)

Monica Arora said...

loved it...u r brutally honest babes ;)

Parul Gahlot said...

Thank you so much for coming by Monica :)

lifeisgood forus said...

Just bumped into ur post!! Nicely written :)

Parul Gahlot said...

Thanks for coming by. Do I know you?