Friday, October 24, 2014


So I thought I was prepared for Diwali. The house all cleaned up. Diyas check. Lakshmi Ganesh idol check. Windows sparkling for a change check. Lay out the diyas and realise there is no oil. Run to supermarket. Get oil. Light diyas with husband. Say a prayer. Realise forgot to unpack the new Lakshmi Ganesh idol. Hurriedly unpack the idols and ask forgiveness. Pray again.
Light all available candles. Put diyas at the door of the house. Accidentally let the dog out into the corridor in the process. Chase dog back into the house. Make the second attempt to wear a sari for Diwali party. Make husband assist in the process. Husband shows uncanny patience through it all. Inwardly thank God. Spend one hour trying to get the pleats right and not look like an elephant attempting elegance. Curse the whole hour. Swear solemnly never to wear a sari ever again. Husband insists the result is worth it. Inwardly promise self to never wear one again anyway. Have niggling doubt will probably break promise next year once this year's memory is faded. Take many many selfies with husband. Try hard not to laugh at his antics. For the nth time fall in love with husband's boyish charm.

Finally get to the party. Attack the food directly. The fried Bhindi turns out to be superlative as does the paneer. Eat loads. Wait for about forty five minutes. Talk to sweet couple that I have not met for three years. Become FB friends with the promise of meeting for lunch at Gujju restaurant in Bur Dubai. Already look forward to the lunch not having had Gujju food since college.

Attack dessert. Eat quarter of a creme brulee cake shamelessly and thoroughly enjoy it. Wish everyone a Happy Diwali. Sit in car and curse the tight petticoat cutting big round stomach in two halves. Take off heels immediately. Dream of nightdress all the way home. Reach home. Die on the bed.

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