Friday, October 10, 2014

This and that

So I went to my very first blind date. Well, sort of. A friend introduced us on Facebook and I met Poornima for lunch. Facebook is really amazing that way isn't it? Imagine an old friend who lives in Bangalore introduced me to a woman from Bangalore who has lived in Dubai longer than I have and my friend in Bangalore met Poornima on a Parents' group on Facebook. They are yet to meet face to face. I mean it's mind boggling at one level the ways in which people connect in this day and age. The idea was to meet someone cooky like my friend and hence my name came up. We hit off very well thank God! Or else imagine the awkward lunch with uncomfortable
silences. At the end of the lunch as we walked out of More cafe, my absolute fave she said,"I was thinking pata nahin kaisi rahegi!" I burst out laughing. We meet again tomorrow for a play at DUCTAC. Anshuman joins us and I've heard such good things about 'Ismat Apa Ke Naam' directed by Naseerudin Shah that I'm really looking forward to it.

I drove down to Sharjah for a meeting and got there early so I did my favourite pastime and took a selfie. There's a little story behind that cross. I was looking at it at a kiosk in Arte and even though I really liked it I was hesitant to buy it thinking I'd probably never have the balls to wear a red cross. I chose two other pendants from the lady and when I opened the package at home she had mistakenly given me the cross. I took it as a good omen. I was meant to have it. I wore it for the first time and set it off with my red talons. Now they're no longer red. I really don't like red nails for too long is what I've realised. Natural or a French manicure is my thing and I should stick to it.

I went to buy some diyas at the BPBG Diwali Fair (Hope I got that right!). Last year I was running around at the last moment from shop to shop trying to find some and it was such a pain. This time I'm a lot better organised which is comforting. There was a Filipino band playing some music. Some kids were dancing and there were a lot of vendors selling all sorts of diwali stuff. I managed to find some diyas when I heard a woman announcing a contest loudly on the microphone. The person with the most Indian Rupees would get a prize. I never win anything but I found I had about 1500 Rs in my wallet so I went up to her and she said,"It's only for men". Bloody I never win anything!

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