Sunday, October 05, 2014

Horrible Haider

So we went to the Ibn Batuta theatre because Anshuman wanted to see 'Haider', the latest offering from Vishal Bhardwaj. It began slowly and was on its way to boring by the interval. I couldn't believe something based on a classic like 'Hamlet' could possibly be that horrid. I admit I have not read anything by Shakespeare but I'm sure he must turn in his grave every time the opening credits roll in Haider. I feel really bad for Shahid Kapoor. I think he really tried his best and I think he overdid it. The director should have curbed his almost over the top performance but it seems like he encouraged it. I mean how does one go wrong with such an amazing story?  Yes you can see that the plot is gripping but by some stroke of utter failure of genius Mr Bhardwaj decimated it unmercifully. I was most disappointed after having watched Omkara and having loved it. I wanted to walk out of the theatre at interval but I stayed for the sake of my husband. I've unashamedly walked out of movies before and he's been left alone to watch the rest of it. It's just not very nice. All throughout the movie I kept wishing he would tell me how much he hated it and that we should go home but unfortunately he didn't so I had to sit through the whole debacle.

Anyway there's always something good that happens to balance things out. Just outside the theatre these three guys from Dubai drums were playing. I stood right up front during the interval and was nearly mesmerised by the beat. The African men smiled and sweated and made sweet, funny faces at the little children. Everyone broke into a well deserved applause at the end. I remember going to a New Years' party where these guys were present and about a hundred people with drums brought in the new year following the beat with them. It's an amazing and wonderful experience. If you've not had the pleasure of being a part of it, I highly recommend it!

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