Friday, June 06, 2014

Much loved

It's a special day when a woman turns forty mainly because I think she no longer cares what the world thinks of her. All she really cares about is how she feels about herself. I think that should be the case at any age to be honest but we are human beings and we do get affected by how other people view us which is why it is imperative to surround oneself with people who love you without judgement. The real friends. They won't be too many but each will be worth a million. I've been lucky in that regard. I have a few of those and it was this beautiful woman's 40th birthday this June 2nd. As you can see the love is evident in the picture. This is what life is all about. The rest is 'maya' as my husband would say. So Happy birthday my darling Ankita! You're a rockstar.

And there she is as beautiful as ever. I admire her sheer tenacity when she puts her mind to achieving something. The woman works out everyday like a demon, raises a toddler and keeps a flawless home without any help. If I had a fraction of her energy my house wouldn't be the regular mess that it usually is. The most wonderful thing about her is that she radiates joy. Yes this is the kind of person you want in your life. When you find someone who radiates joy, grab them and never let go. Don't stalk them though.

Ankita, Pushpita and I went dancing last night. I was dancing after such a long time and I remembered why I love it so much. I think that picture below should give you an idea of how the night went. It was a lovely little place, very different from the clubs I've been to here before. The people were real not under 35 year old celeb clones with perfect abs. They were all age groups and ethnicities. And as Ankita says all the time," Dance is a universal language."

There was a live band and the singer was really good. I'm so out of date as far as music is concerned. I really have no idea who Bruno Mars is. I've heard 'of' him but not his music but then all you need to dance is a beat. And then this song came on and I knew some words-"I know you want me, you know I wantcha" And Ankita yelled over the din,"You know this song!" I yelled back,"Yes!"
But the live band has to be the highlight though. They played 'Sweet home Alabama' and an Elvis song which I now forget. I got home at four in the morning after the customary missing the exit twice. I think I pulled about twenty three muscles in my back and my toes hurt from the heels. I washed off the makeup and the mirror was smiling the way it does when I'm happy.

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