Saturday, June 14, 2014

People and pups

Can you imagine the sheer cuteness when there are three ten weeks old pups in the same room? You don't know which one to look at, kiss and cuddle. Ninna has been having trouble with her eyes. The last time I went with her to a new vet who informed me that she had lost vision in one eye and that the eye may have to be removed. I was heartbroken and the doctor proceeded to tell me that she might look odd post surgery. I told him I didn't care what she looked like. I was just sad that she was suffering.

Well I went to see the eye specialist today and found three  Rhodesian Ridgeback pups who were there with their parents who looked like English Bulldogs. Okay may be I'm exaggerating a little. They looked like English people. One of them was suffering from diarrhoea (the pup not the people) and all three of them were there to get vaccinated. The people treated them with great tenderness which was heartening to see. They have three adult  Rhodesian Ridgebacks so now they have six dogs in all. They must have a really big house and yard because these little guys are going to grow into big, beautiful, loving and loyal creatures.

Ninna was examined and has been given three medicines for her eyes. The eye specialist said she still has a little vision in the damaged eye and the situation is not completely hopeless. No surgery needed as of now. I'm praying that the medicines will work.

After the appointment I was relieved that Ninna didn't show her displeasure by pooping under the doctor's table like last time. She met her Boston Terrier clone Berkley. They sniffed each other's noses. He was a little taller with longer legs. They jostled a bit and growled at each other finally Ninna tried to dominate by barking at which point Anshuman had to drag her away. Berkley jumped up at me when I petted him and laid a couple of licks on my face. When I responded with a kiss on his nose he proceeded to lick my cheeks real good. People who have known the love of a dog are so very very lucky!

So I went dancing again Thursday night to the same place with the live band. Ankita knows everyone in the band having become a Thursday night regular. I've enjoyed myself so much last two weeks that I'm going to tag along until Ramadan begins and the place closes for a month. I think I enjoy observing people just as much as I love the music, dancing and general merriment of being with friends. Usually you can tell the age of a person by the songs that they sing along to or simply from the way their light eyes up when the band plays the opening bars. So I'm obviously the one singing to Phil Collins and the soundtrack of 'Dirty Dancing'. Pushpita a decade younger than me knows the words of most songs. Ankita does too but then she's a sixteen year old at heart and always will be. I drank two glasses of Cranberry juice and a bottle of water. I left the girlfriends shaking a leg on the floor and was home by two in the morning. Ninna was pissed as she usually gets when I get home late but licked my face regardless.

And right now she's gently snoring next to me resting her little face on my ankle. I love her.

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