Sunday, June 08, 2014

Lightfoot, Spader, Rothenberg

So I was binge watching 'The Blacklist' yesterday when this song came on as James Spader sits in the dark waiting to kill a mole in the FBI. I heard the first few lines and fell in love. Anshuman has this amazing app on his phone called Shazam. It listens to any song playing anywhere and tells you the name of the song and the singer. And so I came upon Gordon Lightfoot. Sometimes you've gotta love technology. That's Mr Lightfoot in his youth. Looks like a wistful Clint Eastwood doesn't he? I like him. And so my affair with country music carries on. The song is a warning about a villanous, sexy woman who will hurt you if you're not careful. Here's the song Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot
"I can see her lyin' back in her satin dress
in a room where ya do what ya don't confess"

I've always liked James Spader. I think it's that evil smile and the ever present glint in his eyes. It's like he knows he's going to get the better of you. I like that kind of confidence in a character. 'The Blacklist' is just about okay thanks to his valiant effort. The rest of the cast really sucks especially the actor who plays the female lead. I mean she's so bad I sometimes cringe watching her but then my love for Spader wins and I continue to watch him play a badass. It's good timepass.

'Ripper Street' is another BBC series I've just finished watching. It's a crime drama set in Whitechapel in London in 1889 just months after the Jack the Ripper murders. It's a really good series and I do love crime dramas. Had me hooked until the end. The last time I remember seeing Matthew Macfaydan was in 'Pride and Prejudice' playing Mr Darcy with Kiera Knightly playing Ms Bennett. He was awful and so was she but he redeems himself utterly and completely in this series. Jerome Flynn is Benett Drake, the tough sergeant with a kind heart. My favourite however has to be Adam Rothenberg who plays Homer Jackson, the drinkin', gamblin', womanisin' American brilliant forensic genius and overall badass. Do watch this one.

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