Thursday, June 19, 2014


So having shopped way too much in Sri Lanka I promised myself I would buy nothing but sabzi bhaaji for the next six months. What do you think happened? I went to the mall and made another promise. I would go to the hypermarket and pick up groceries and come back home like a good little girl. As I walked in I thought to myself,"What's the harm in doing a little window shopping?" Big mistake. I managed to resist a lovely spring dress but then I saw some lovely shoes on sale at Nine West and out came the credit card. Shopper's remorse set in early but didn't stop me from buying two lovely pearl rings from a kiosk I should never have paused at. I remembered what one wise man called Oscar Wilde once said,"I can resist anything except temptation." Big sigh.

Well I did get to the hypermarket eventually. I'm always surprised at the way some people dress to do their grocery shopping. There was a rather large woman
literally bursting out of a tiny red dress which clearly belongs in a night club. Her long hair was left open all over her shoulders and face and I wondered if she could see anything at all. There was this other woman who wore a long chiffon dress barely covering her tatas. Every time she bent down to inspect a fruit, the men folk got an eyeful. I couldn't help but smile.

So I'm posting two pictures of myself in this post. Why? Because they couldn't be more different from each other. The first one has my warrior paint on. Makeup I mean. The second one is what I'm really like, all big glasses, under eye dark circles and oily skin. I've cut my inordinately long nails now. I broke one trying to tear off a grocery bag and banging my hand on the grocery crate. Don't even ask how I managed that singular feat.

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