Monday, June 23, 2014


And just like that I'm forty. How does it feel? Exactly the same as yesterday when I was thirty nine. What I love about all birthdays is the way your loved ones treat you on your special day. I came home to beautifully arranged forty red, pink, yellow and orange roses, crimson heart shaped candles and my husband patiently waiting to surprise me on the eve of my fortieth. I felt like my heart would burst.

My mother called exactly at ten thirty because it was my birthday in India. She always does that. The people who love me remembered despite Facebook not being able to remind them. I went off Facebook ten days ago. I don't miss it at all to be perfectly honest. Am I going to make any major changes in my life now that I'm forty? Nope. Can't really improve perfection can you?!


Preeti said...

Awww that's a nice start to the 30th, with special people bearing gifts of love! Sorry I missed out wishing you.

parul gahlot said...

40th Preeti 40th!! I wish it was 30th lol!!