Saturday, June 07, 2014

Heels hurt

And we party on dudes! It was Ankita's parents' anniversary and an excellent excuse for all of us to get dressed to the nines and celebrate. Clearly the boys didn't get the memo. I got to wear my Yolanda top from Sri Lanka. I got so many compliments that I think I was floating a little bit above my bed last night. And I look much taller thanks to four inch heels. Remember when I fell on my face going down two steps? Same. This time I didn't fall on my face but the elevator from
the parking to ground floor was locked so we had

to go down stairs anyway. I took my own sweet time with one hand latched to the rail. I swear I imagined myself dangling from it, I was so sure I was going to trip. Onki's dad saw me walking around and called me urgently to him. He sat me down and said,"Parul I'm scared of seeing you walking in those heels. Actually I'm not scared that you will fall and break your foot. I am more scared that you will damage your shoe!" We burst out laughing! Who would have known such

a mild mannered, reserved and quiet man was hiding a fabulous sense of humour. He went on to relate the story of when he was riding a bike with Pushpita riding along with him and they were in an accident. They fell and obviously his little girl was hurt but he checked up on his bike before paying any attention to his daughter! It reminded me of the time my father and I were in a similar accident. The fault lay with a guy on a bicycle who came out of nowhere. My lip was cut on my dad's helmet. My father lost his

temper and whacked the guy who ran away.
It was such a lovely evening. Above are the minions digging into their cake. As the evening wore on I got rid of my heels. I picked up both the girls in my arms and spun around with them laughing and squealing,"Faster! Faster!" Twice Ahana ran into my arms saying,"I love you Parul!" How blessed am I? Let me thank this universe for bringing so much love and joy into my life.
And there was a feast to be had. Butter chicken by Pushpita, Rajma by Ankita, Fried fish by aunty, Jeera aloo, Russian salad, parathas and rice. Oh my God how much I gorged on the lovely food. Rajma was fantastic. I had to avoid everything else on account of my tummy troubles. And isn't Ankita's mum gorgeous in her Ikat sari? Such an elegant lady. There is such grace in everything she does.

And that's yours truly posing away. I got a lot of flack for being already tall and towering above everyone else in my stilts. Onki couldn't relate to this person but once in a while I want to feel statuesque even though I know it's only until I get to the car and get back into my comfy slippers. Heels really do hurt and are insanely uncomfortable.

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