Saturday, June 21, 2014


So it's 12:39 on a Friday night and the hot chocolate hasn't helped me fall asleep. It's my own fault. I was hibernating until noon and then went back into the same state beginning late afternoon until the evening. Ankita's friends are visiting from the US. I drove over to her place feeling a bit like a zombie having slept way too much. It was nice to meet new people but somehow I felt like I was only half there.

You know how it is. Once in a while melancholia seeps into your bones and no matter how much you sleep it doesn't seem enough. As I write this my eyes feel like a ton and yet sleep seems far away. Some work comes in on Sunday and I'm hoping that that will wake me up. May be it's because it's the weekend but then each day is a weekend for me. Anyway I'm not going to analyse my hibernation mode. I'm hoping once I'm done writing this post it will be purged in some way and when
I wake up tomorrow I will truly wake up.
You didn't think I was going to leave you with my blue mood did you? You know me better than that by now. The smile is never too far away from my heart. As I was walking towards the car the sprinklers came on and someone's headlights shone through the water. The blades of grass were twinkling and the light dispersed beautifully. I couldn't capture it very well but you can imagine how beautiful the sight was. And with that I wish you Goodnight and pleasant dreams.

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