Monday, August 19, 2013

The Miniature Killer

So the 7th season of CSI Las Vegas has the case of a serial killer who leaves perfect half inch scale miniature model of the crime scene behind him. The killer is revealed in the very last episode and it the best surprise of all was that it turns out to be a woman. I could really appreciate the concept of the miniature killer as it was truly original and not inspired from any real life serial killers, at least none that I've read about. Although it might be inspired by fiction.The Miniature Killer's modus operandi is inspired by the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, a series of intricate crime-scene dioramas that are actually used to help train the Baltimore Homicide Investigation unit. These dollhouses are explored in detail in the documentary Of Dolls and Murder. Although unacknowledged, the series was also likely influenced by Tom Mauriello's "The Dollhouse Murders."

The only thing that irked me was that they didn't come up with a credible childhood trauma for the killer. Yes she kills her sister by pushing her down from a tree-house but the question remains why does she do that in the first place. She is in a loving family and there's nothing wrong with her prior to her first murder. Her father cleans the blood pool with bleach and that is embedded in her subconscious so as an adult when she smells bleach an urge to kill is awakened in her. She is meticulous in creating the details of the miniature and planning each murder even though not everything goes as per plan every time and she finally does get caught. the actress Jessie Collins who plays Natalie Davis does a fabulous job. She gets the perfect look of 'eyes without a soul' in her portrayal of the character. I finished watching the 7th season yesterday and the case continues into the 8th season as Sara is kidnapped by the killer and left to die under a car in the desert.

I completely forgot about sharing the very thing that inspired me to write this post aside from my fascination with serial killers. Images of miniature people living in whimsical worlds. Basically really small people living in real scale small objects. Ok you have to see it to get it. Check it out here

Today evening I'll be watching as Grissom rescues Sara!

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