Friday, August 09, 2013

Dreams, nightmares

I've had some really weird dreams lately. A couple of night ago I saw that I was in an accident having lost control of the car. I realised that I killed a man. I went to the police station and told them that my license had got lost in the last accident that I was in. By now I was worried as heck and racked with guilt. Everyone at the police station was in a temple within the compound and so I waited. Then a Policeman and a policewoman came out and went into an office. A man gestured for me to follow them so I did. They sat me down and asked me what happened. I described how I lost control of the car and it went down the hill and through a shanty at the bottom and a man died. I also explained that I didn't have my license because it was confiscated the last time that I was in an accident. They were very sympathetic and the woman even put a hand on my shoulder and said that it happens. They told me to go to another station and sign some papers which I did. And then I walked around thinking there must be other people who end up killing like me and are let go.

I usually don't have recurring dreams but I've dreamt of my car three times now and each time I'm driving in my dreams something goes wrong. I wonder what it means and on the other hand I really don't care. It's the long weekend and it was a wonderful lazy day yesterday. We went out for dinner all dressed up nice and it was lovely. I'm looking forward to today and tomorrow. I think I should finally update my playlist on the phone though I'm so scared of losing my music I keep putting it off but there's so much new music I want to include. I think I'll take the leap and finally do it. 

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