Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Eid Weekend

The office was closed for three days. The Eid weekend was so lovely I have to write about it. Friday was spent languishing at home and watching CSI, reading Mansfield Park. I love Jane Austen's books and I've been trying to finish this one for a while now and I got loads of time to read which was a pleasure.

I spent most of Thursday sleeping, reading and at the salon. In the evening we went out to this nice seafood restaurant called Flooka. I had a fish but I forget what the preparation was. The french fries were fat and lovely and the service was good.

Before I go any further I must say a few words about the picture on the left. Well I took it in the car as is apparent by the seatbelt and there is no real reason for me looking so pissed aside from the fact that I got tired of taking pictures of myself all smiley and happy. This one is actually quite a refreshing change. I like the no make up aside from the obvious lipstick look.

I listened to Alison Krauss on Youtube and promised myself that I would update my playlist this weekend but I failed at doing that yet again. I'm scared to lose my present music but one day I will have to do it. I would never listen to songs on youtube if I could help it. Yes it's great for finding new music but to listen to the same song over and over again it needs a repeat button which at present it does not have. May be it will occur to someone soon and people like me will be happier with the site.

So I've read almost half the book and been feeling pretty good about it. On Saturday we had planned to have an English breakfast at my favourite place but Anshuman overslept so that had to be cancelled for another time. We went for a long drive to Um al qwain in Anshuman's car. I was relaxed and happy aside from the music on the radio. I wish Anshuman and I liked similar music. He refused to take my car knowing that- my car, my music. He even went on to say he doesn't like driving my car to which I took grave offence and a small argument ensued which ended in me sticking out my tongue at him. All's well that ends with sticking out one's tongue at someone. I had a wonderfully sweet banana bread from Costa on the way.

Anshuman's cousin came home for tea along with his three year old son Aayan. Aayan was shy at first but opened up soon. He likes all sorts of vehicles and buses are his favourite. We have a little London red bus piggy bank. He immediately pointed to it and chose it over a lovely Porsche 911 model. He proceeded to empty it out and then put the coins back in one by one twice. It was fun spending time with him. he's growing up so fast and he's such a lovely little boy.

Then came Saturday and we watched this incredibly funny movie called "Luv, shuv te chicken khurana". I laughed and laughed some more. Ninna sat next to me as she always does and it was a perfect morning. I went to the mall in the afternoon. Shopping is so much fun. I ended up buying some clothes and a few candles. I found a really beautiful short white summer dress with spring flowers print on sale and it was a perfect fit. I can't wait to wear it! I think only a woman can truly know the pleasure of finding the perfect dress which fits perfectly AND you grab it at a reduced price.

I got a massage at the reflexology center. Feet first is a great place and pretty reasonable going by Dubai standards. An hour of pure bliss is what I got. The masseuse was skilled and she almost beat me up I think but not quite but at the end of it I was almost comatose. I was still hankering for an English Breakfast so I ended up at Al Baker and relished the plain fluffy omlette, thick and creamy hot chocolate, beef bacon, chicken sausages, baked beans and orange juice. All I wanted to do was sleep but I had to go to Geant the giant hypermarket and pick up a few things.

I picked up an iPhone docking station for my nightstand. The earlier one went kaput. Finally I got home and realised that the adaptor to the docking station was missing. I drove back to the mall, got it replaced and then drove back home. There was a plan to see Chennai Express in the night and even though I was ready to fall down by now I didn't want to disappoint everyone so I went along right back to the mall. I watched half of the movie which just goes on to prove that SRK has completely lost the plot. I came back home halfway through the movie.

It was a lovely night as most nights are cloaked in serenity. I read, listened to music and before I knew it I was asleep and after a long long time my sleep was devoid of dreams.

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