Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yes the day has been whizzing by at a frenetic pace which is great. I like it when time passes quickly doing something or the other rather than the hours just dragging by. My hunt for that elusive good writer is not going very well. I got a few resumes between yesterday and today but none of them are what I'm really looking for. It looks like I'll be managing a heck of a lot of work on my own for the next month. Somehow rather than being daunting it's exciting and challenging. Bring it on!

So I enjoyed listening to Lana Del Rey on the drive to the office today. Even though I slept really late last night thankfully I wasn't groggy in the morning and miss Lana helped. I used to play Tetris on Nintendo as a kid and recently I downloaded it onto my phone and now I'm hopelessly addicted to it as was the case in my teenage years. I was awake till two in the night playing because I couldn't stop. So much for self control. I mean it's just a bunch of pieces falling down and you try to make lines which disappear when complete. I mean it seems so inane and it is but so addictive.

I'm watching the 7th season of CSI Las Vegas these days. That's another thing I'm addicted to. I need my daily dose of blood and gore and forensic science and mystery and murderers. I watched all the seasons of CSI Miami before this and of course I absolutely love Horatio Caine. CSI Miami has a lot of personal drama happening between the cast members. They seem to fall in and out of love, get married, get shot all the time and the violence is not too graphic considering it's a show about forensics.

Now CSI Las Vegas takes a bit of time getting used to. Yes there are a few relationshippy moments but these guys are very business like and the drama is underplayed. Gil Grissom is so very different from Horatio Caine with his one liners. He's not a cop like the Miami team and science is his religion and work his prayer. I love both the characters for different reasons. Grissom looks younger than Caine but behaves like a very old man.

He's in love with the young and tough CSI Sara and the romance seems doomed from the beginning. I mean there's a sexual tension between the two but one knows that it cannot last. CSI Las Vegas is definitely a lot more gory than Miami. I see a brain in a bowl pretty much every evening on the telly but it no longer bothers me. I think one gets desensitised after a while. Most of the time I try to figure out what materials the producers must be using to make up the brain and entrails and the various organs of the body. With that I take your leave and will be back soon!

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