Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sam's birthday

It's Samantha's birthday today and she turns twenty six. Such a young, pretty and vivacious girl. All of us celebrated together and of course there was so much cake. Oh man all that cream made me drool...

And here's Rola and Sam with the Happy Birthday balloons. Rola is leaving at the end of next week and I will miss her so much! She just got engaged and I wish her much love and happiness with everything!

Designer cupcakes with all of Sam's favourite things! A turtle, butterflies, twitter, instagram, facebook and bows! The little round box with the blue satin ribbon is my gift to her. Wanna guess what it is? Sikkim Gorls perfume. Sam said it reminded her of her beloved grandmother so I bought her a bottle from Lush.

And here we are- Our little POSE family with (L to R) Karen, Keti, Vanessa, Samantha, Rola, Dina, Elie, Lara, Arafat, Joe and yours truly!

How I love cake!

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