Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blue Wednesday

So I dared take my blue shoes out again. The last time was disaster because of the blisters but today they seem to be behaving. It's been a busy morning, the best kind. There's not much to say but I thought some pictures might be nice.

The sun is in it's full glory outside and the summer is officially here. My hair is gradually disappearing from my head and I miss them a lot but nothing I can do about it so simply accept what you cannot change. Actually that has become my mantra- Accept what you cannot change. But if you CAN change something do it with all your might for as long as it takes.

And here are my blue shoes going perfectly with my skinny blue jeans. I rarely buy shoes that are anything but black or brown because the idea is that they should go with everything. I bought these for an event I remember as I was making an attempt to make everything match for a change. I remember I ended up being quite out of place at that event as everyone turned up wearing jeans and T-shirt. Ah well nevermind we all make mistakes. So here's to the blue shoes. May they last a long long time!

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