Monday, March 11, 2013

The rejection list

Here are a few photos that had previously not made it to the blog. I was just going through my camera and found loads of silly pictures that I'd previously ignored so here they are. The one on the left has my little dog wanting to share screen space with me. I couldn't help but laugh as she walked around confused as to why I was standing in front of the cupboard for so long while Anshuman was taking the picture.

It's very difficult to get my husband to look like this when he is next to me. He would either pull a silly face or say something so funny that I would end up laughing and resultantly the picture would never look like I want it to. I love this one though. Clearly one of my favourites.

Sometimes when you take your own picture so many times there is bound to be one with a weird expression like this one.

I remember how annoyed he got when I kept taking his picture. There are a few more of him looking away and patiently waiting for me to stop clicking.

This is a recent one which I rejected because there should have been more light in my eyes. I love the pearls though.

As I mentioned before the man hates to pose and when he does it has to be something ridiculously funny. I will not give up though, I'm sure I will be shooting his photo when we're both eighty and bent with age.

This one needs no words

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