Sunday, March 17, 2013

The promise of yesterday

The promise of yesterday is nostalgia and sometimes the best of us indulge. So I was on a cleaning spree last weekend. I opened up our little store and took out everything including two mattresses, two pillows, several bungee cords, three backpacks, three laptop bags, a sleeping bag, four t-shirts in their original packing, a small suitcase, cleaning supplies, a tripod and several other things. I threw out half the stuff. I don't understand why people hoard things. I'm a big believer in throwing out stuff which is of no use and only serves to occupy space. Had Anshuman been there with me mostly everything would have gone right back into the store but fortunately he wasn't home when I began the excavation. When I hit the floor I found my old VIP suitcase and I opened it with some trepidation as I always do because it has my past safely locked up. I never look at it. I don't really want to but now I think there's no harm in being a little nostalgic every now and then. So I opened it and several things including many diaries and pictures took me to a journey to long forgotten places.

Somehow this time I didn't mind making the trip. There were some wonderful times in the past. I found a rather sad half written letter to my father which I neither finished nor sent. I think if I had sent it he would have taken the next flight to Ahmedabad and taken me home. We tend to blow up our sadnesses when we are younger I think. Every little thing seems like a reason to feel like the sky is falling. I spent a good hour going through photographs of my younger self and the old negatives. I made a surprising decision and took out the past from the suitcase and put it in a drawer where it will be much more easily accessible.

There's no point in never thinking about the past. Most of the time all it does is bring a smile to my face. I will scan some of the pictures and share them soon. This blog is going to get a heavy dose of flashack so fasten your seatbelts and join me for the ride!

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