Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sere nere

So I heard this new song today and I loved the guy's voice so wonderful and hurt in Italian. Everything sounds passionate in Italian I think. It's a beautiful language and I learned a few words. The word for 'stronger' is 'fortifica'- very close to fortified meaning having defences. You get the meaning. Doesn't 'fortifica' sound so much stronger than 'stronger'? I read the translation. It obviously sounds much more beautiful in the original language. I love black and white and the video is very nice. I especially like the words written on streets, walls and cars. The way the capital letters are written, I mean the handwriting is so much like architects or designers write. I remember trying very hard to write like this when I was at NID but I never really got very good at it. I loved the song. Here it is

Sere Nere by Tiziano Ferro

The line that I liked the most which I read in the translation so I'm not sure how accurate it is. Here it is- "I dedicate to you all my trouble"

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