Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bridal shower

Saturday evening was good fun. Everything was, pink and girly and delicate at Dina's bridal shower. This cake was so pretty that the bride to be didn't really want to put a knife through it and I don't blame her.

That's Charlie- Dina's sweet little doggy. It was fun cuddling him. And yes that's a plastic crown on my head. All the girls wore one and looked like little princesses. This was my first bridal shower. I'd never been to one before but I quite enjoyed myself in the company of all the lovely girls. Dina looked wonderful as always pretty in pink.

That's Sam taking a picture of the lovely arrangement. The flowers in her hair look festive and pretty.

There were various little documents to be filled out. Little questions about the bride to be. Advice about the wedding to in laws. The star shaped cookie was labelled D heart E. Dina loves elie. It was cute cute cute. There was champagne but I refrained. The pink lemonade was really nice.

And here's another picture of me and Charlie. He looks so happy in the picture that I had to share it. Dogs are the best!

I dressed in a simple white top and black skirt with a string of pearls around my neck, pearls on my earlobes and a pearl ring on my finger. Black and white is just so amazing.
And finally the lovely Thank You note with a ribbon. I went to a Gurudwara on Friday. Somehow felt like being in a spiritual space and saying a prayer. I'm so grateful for so many things in my life. So I thanked the powers that be and asked for blessings for my family and friends and I prayed for strength and wisdom.

Let me take a moment and thank all those that come to my blog. May your lives be filled with joy eternal :)

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

did a picture appear
and disappear
was it black
and white
when pink and light
seemed to me
the season, color, apogee

parul gahlot said...

How can pink
and light
compare to black
and white
stark as stone
will stand alone
through seasons
and colours
and so on..