Thursday, November 03, 2016


Here I sit in a sweet little room in Georgia's capital Tbilisi. Natasha and I flew down here today and the adventure started from the moment we reached the airport. The check in lady made us run to the Travel Insurance counter. When we finally reached the gate I was already tired having woken up at 6 which is like midnight for me.

We got into the bus to go to the aircraft and I realised that I had left my bag behind at the Bombay Chowpatty restaurant where I got an Aloo Paratha packed for lunch. The glass partition between the passengers and the driver is so effective that he couldn't hear the entire bus shouting 'STOP!'. He finally saw me waving frantically and stopped.

The security was called and I was not allowed to go inside. I described my bag and told the guy exactly where I'd left it. He said they will find it and send it to me in the aircraft. As the bus began to move I prayed I hadn't lost my Macbook along with a twenty year old sweater that my mother gave me which holds immense sentimental value for me.

When I got off the bus I caught hold of one of the guys with a walkie talkie. He talked to his colleague and assured me that the bag had been found. I took a sigh of relief. We sat down on our seats and waited. The pilot announced that the flight will be delayed because a passenger's bag was being cleared through security. I immediately looked at Natasha and said,"Such irresponsible people na! Now the flight is going to get late."

Finally the stewardess approached me and asked," Can you describe what's in the bag?" I did. Then she took me to a Security Officer who as standing at the gate with the notorious bag. He asked me to describe what was in the bag. I did. And finally I got my bag back and we took off.

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