Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Old Tbilisi

Today we went wandering around the Dry Bridge, Flea market. A lot of local artists sell their paintings there along with souvenirs, pottery, coins, jewellery and other knick knacks. It was a bit of a challenge to find the place as Georgian people are very helpful but the language barrier makes it very difficult to understand what they are trying to communicate and vice versa.

Finally we found someone who knew dry bridge. We stopped at a restaurant and asked about the bridge and the waitress said,"It is old bridge, not dry bridge." Finally we made it and found some lovely art. Most of it was very brightly coloured and depicted everything from landscapes to humans to cats in all sorts of varied styles.

I quite liked these brightly coloured, musical ladies.

I have to say the Georgian clay workers create lovely pieces. I bought a few things from this little collection which was very reasonably priced even before I drove a hard bargain.

This shop carried all sorts of music on LPs. I bought one as a gift for my darling brother Mukul, who collects vinyls.

Next on the agenda was the botanical garden located almost in the centre of the city. We hung around the cafe inside it, in the company of these happy flowers sipping our coffees. Natasha with her Americano and me with my latte.

At the end of the bridge was a tree, and on top of the tree was a kitten meowing woefully at people passing by. Natasha was so worried about the poor thing that we went and told the security that he must do something to bring it down. After a lot of misunderstandings he understood what we were trying to say. He got his friend and the friend got up on a low wall with a broom in his hand and the kitten got even more petrified and climbed higher. Reluctantly our rescue operation had to be abandoned.

All those who wander are not lost. Tolkien was on to something.

I'm not a fan of red colour but look how beautifully it occurs in nature!

After the Botanical Garden we went and did a spot of shopping. I saw another interesting doll hanging in the store window. They are so expensive that I feel like winning the lottery or something.

Look at these two dolls. They reminded me of the bond that only a woman can share with another, a friendship filled with trust, understanding and joy.

And yes, we're very happy and do not feel like going back.

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