Sunday, November 06, 2016

Chasing the snow

The internet at the hotel is slow and I'm sitting under the quilt and writing this post while Natasha is sitting, getting irritated with the hotel people. Now she's lying on the bed with her face to the door hoping to catch the elusive connectivity. She's waving the phone around saying,"Like this? Like this?"

Today we drove along with our tour guide as well as the driver to a place called Ananuria water reservoir. Our guide Salome loves talking about her country and she told us about the difficult past of this beautiful country which has been invaded by Mongols, Turks and Russians to name a few. So many of their churches and cathedrals suffered during these times when the invaders painted over their frescoes and even turned them into mosques or during Russian times even into warehouses.

And yet the people are easy going. They love music, wine and food. They are not a very rich country but they seem to be a happy one. The most commendable thing I found was the fact that the government has taken concrete steps to repair whole areas consisting of very old houses in the old town to preserve the heritage of the capital.
We drove through beautiful mountains and the conifers appeared in large numbers as we gained height. The people drive both left and right handed cars here even though the traffic is right handed. Day before yesterday our driver was so rash that he would get inches away from the car in front at high speed and my heart would be up in my throat. I thanked my lucky stars when I got back safe and sound to my hotel.

The driver today was much better but the problem is that the other drivers are still just as rash and you have to be very very careful while driving. I would not want to drive in this country for sure. I mean, I don't even want to cross the road without holding on to Natasha's hand she in turn holding mine just as tight.

The idea was to chase the snow today. I wore leggings, another pair of leggings, a pair of jeans, full sleeved top, warm coat, pashmina shawl and gloves phew! And trust me you need all of that when you get near to the top of the snow covered mountains. They are truly magnificent and beautiful.

 We reached where the snow was and got out to see this beautiful mural in the middle of nowhere.

This is part of the mural which is in the shape of a semi circle. All you can see beyond is pure white snow glimmering up to the skies. I took off my gloves to take pictures and my hands nearly froze. I was reminded of those cold mornings in Delhi when it was so cold I couldn't even write my exam paper.

I saw this beautiful fellow at Ananuria waiting for someone to feed him. I often see people feeding bread to the street dogs here.

This is the water reservoir and it was a really beautiful sight. The water was an emerald green and so serene. I loved it.

Obviously I'm very very happy.

The young woman with the big grin is our tour guide Solome and our driver is Rezi. It was a wonderful day and tomorrow promises to be the same. I just love this place!

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