Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Royal Bath

Today was kept aside for chilling utterly and not walking too much. Honestly, I'm thinking I'll sleep for two days once I get home. Not really.

We went to this place called the Royal Bath. You sit in a tiny pool of hot water which smells like Sulpher but feels very soft on the skin. After an hour of luxuriating in it my fingers were turning into prunes. After the bath, I lay on a marble platform and a woman scrubbed me with a loofah and did a soap massage. If you're expecting a shiatsu type of massage this is not the place for you. The woman alternately massaged/aggressively slapped and threw really hot water on me. As you can see, I was red as a monkey's bum afterwards. Oh, and you pay extra if you want a towel.

Afterwards we went to the Eastpoint mall. We are from Dubai, we must check out the mall. It's a small place but nice. Lunch was McDonald's. the weather was perfect with the sun beaming and a chill in the air.

Sweet little fountain in the centre of the mall.

This restaurant is close to our hotel where I regularly eat Kidney beans, Corn bread and rice for dinner.

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