Friday, November 04, 2016

Day 2

We decided to do the tourist thing and hired a cab to drive us around to places close to Tblisi. We went to a monastery in Mtskheta. There were these bells looking rather forlorn as if no one had rung them in many many years.

This is the beautiful view from the monastery. A man was asleep at the candle counter. I bought four candles from him and lit them in front of Christ's shrine. I stood and prayed for a while. It was a warm, peaceful feeling as people spoke in low whispers and crossed themselves.

This furball followed me around but stopped before we walked up the stairs to the inner sanctum of the monastery.

We stopped at a small town. I forget the name. There was a cobbled street slowly rising and lined with all sorts of shops. I bought some lovely ceramic bowls. They call Vodka Chacha. As most of you would know, in Hindi Chacha means father's younger brother!

I came across some brightly colored paintings made by the shopkeeper herself! She also had some done by her brother who likes cats.

Finally we reached the highest point of the street and I saw this lovely looking building. I wish I could tell you what kind of architecture it is, but unfortunately my knowledge of architecture is less than limited. May be one of you could help me out here!

Next was this absolutely gorgeous cathedral. The ceilings were high and painted with amazing frescoes.

There were reflections everywhere. The sheer play of light delighted the senses. There was a sombre peace within the high ceilings of the cathedral. I lit candles and prayed for all my friends and family. I asked for peace of mind, most of all. Isn't that what one ultimately wants from life?

I saw this aircraft which seemed to be coming through the roof of the cathedral. I saw another one just like it yesterday which seemed to be coming through the sun!

Natasha stands in a small room with paintings of saints and angels. As you can see she's all packed for the winter chill.

Natasha's lunch time companion came around for neck scratches and french fries.

I found this little furball outside the cathedral and stopped to show him some love. He responded by licking my fingers. Dogs all over the world are the best!

We went to a museum and again I can't remember its name. It was a very very cold, very very large and very very creepy building. I liked this huge piece though.

As you can see, the ladies in Georgia are very stylish.

A woman suddenly got our attention in broken English and pushed us into a very cold room. She explained it was the first office of Stalin. Those are his clothes and our reflections.

The view on our drive to the next destination. Georgia is a truly beautiful country blessed by nature. I've only been here a couple of days and I'm falling in love with it.

The leaves of fall are dry and beautiful. Natasha is holding a perfect little sample in her palm.

This place, this moment, the winter sun melting into the river, the sound of the water slowly gurgling, the soft fur of the bushes glinting in the rays were all perfect. Just perfect.

I wish you all as much happiness and love as the universe has so kindly bestowed upon me.

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