Thursday, August 09, 2012

Waxing eloquent

So yesterday I went to the beauty salon for my monthly deforestation. It is not a pleasant experience and sometimes I wish I could just go without it but wearing skirts would be come a problem. So I do it not for myself but so as to not offend other people. OK may be I do it a little bit for myself too. I don't mind two women applying hot wax on my arms and legs and then taking it off in one smooth action with a paper strip but I absolutely hate getting my eye brows threaded. I curse the day I got them done for the first time and then throw in getting your mustache removed and it is truly one of the most painful things I go through voluntarily every month. No matter how much you stretch your skin it will still hurt when your hair is being plucked out of your skin. I have incredibly sensitive skin so I end up looking like a monkey's butt after going through the whole process.

Facials are not any less painful. I think I have about a million blackheads and about the same whiteheads on my face and the beautician painfully takes each one out pressing down with steel tongs or something. At the end of the process she will show me the labours of her hard work on a cotton ball where all the extra heads on my nose end up. I'm supposed to say,"Good job" but I feel like saying ," if I don't see them what does it matter and I only came her for the face massage and the shoulder rub." When the ordeal was over the massage seemed way too short but I came out looking better somehow.

Vanity I tell you thy name is pain.

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soulitude said...

I like that term, 'deforestation'! LOL! I so agree with all of it! Waxing is painful but threading of the eyebrows is the ultimate in the experience of pain!!!! And doing a facial or a face massage def makes u feel better and atleast I feel it shows on the face only fr a day or less! LOL. I think its more the process that is very relaxing. All of this requires so much patience as well! But ya thank God for all these options! Even I force myself to do it cos I want to wear skirts and then Im like I cant wear them if I havent waxed. For all u know no one cares or notices even but somehow it makes u feel good when u do it! :)