Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It's been a long time since I've been here. What can I say... as always life took over. The eid break just wouldn't end as I spent many an hour in front of the idiot box as husband was away on holiday in Bombay. Old songs used to be so simple,"it's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away." The Bee Gees are crooning away. Actually sometimes they sound like they are shrieking so I've changed the song so Sting comes to the stage to perform. The song is called 'Wrapped around your finger'. I don't remember which album. I do remember the video in which thousands of candles are burning and sting is walking around. The candles always remind me of a sweet memory I have of Anshuman having put candles all over the floor one day before I reached home from work. It was a long time ago but I chesh this wonderful memory. It was before we got married I remember and it was so sweet.

What else can I say. I made the blog private and I feel much better because now only five people can access my blog. Suddenly I had started getting so many hits from weird countries like Latvia. I am so sure I don't know anyone from Latvia. And my blog was the first thing that would pop up when I googled my name. Amazing how google has become a word. Somehow it was time to create a boundry around my thoughts. I cannot share everything with the whole world.

So now I feel secure in the knowledge that my words aren't just going into the ether and being read by random people. There is a sense of control and I like it.

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soulitude said...

U dont know anyone in Latvia ... I dint even know there was a country called latvia lol... But that has been my sense of geography... always v poor! :)