Sunday, August 12, 2012

House party in Dubai

There is a set formula to a party. People show up between 8pm to 10pm aside from the fashionably very late who have been party hopping. People come bearing gifts such as wine and/or flowers. I always forget even when it's a housewarming party. People drink and small groups have conversations ranging in subjects such as old colleagues, most of the time I will run out of polite conversation in about seven minutes on an average at which time I will excuse myself and sit in the bathroom where the music cannot reach. I sit and ponder who I would speak to next. I make a perfect triangle with the toilet paper. I make faces in the mirror. Dab a tissue on my face as my face glistens with the oil factory that is my nose. Finally I take a deep breath, smile and walk out. Invariably I end up apologising to friends I haven't seen for months and say with my hand on my heart,"It's entirely my fault that we haven't met for so long."

In the mean time the smokers are gathered in the balcony along with their drinks. The old stories of old colleagues come out and there is laughter heard many times. I don't know many of the colleagues so I concentrate on my fifth glass of Sprite. I rarely drink but sometimes I realise that I must drink if I am going to have any fun at a party. By now someone or the other has drunk themselves to sleep in the host's bed. The music has been changed to desi numbers from the latest hindi movie and people are on their feet. I have told myself that it is ok to have a beer or else I will literally die or fall asleep on the sofa. I have two beers and join the dancing ladies and gents.

The food is served. There is always excess food and the host offers to make everyone doggy bags and most politely decline. When everyone has been fed the party finally comes to an end and people get into cabs or their cars depending on their state of intoxication and head home to fall into bed. If they're smart they take a panadol and sleep otherwise they take two when they wake up the next morning with an oversized watermelon posing as a head.

Ok seriously I need to be more social.


UknowMe said...

Why the bathroom? Why not the host's bedroom? or somewhere out for a stroll?

soulitude said...

Lol.. funny u are! I wudve expected u to run out of conversation in precisely 2 mins .. shayad woh bhi jyada hai :P 7 mins! u deserve an award :) Next time have the 2 beers soon enuff and hit the dance floor and then be the 1st to head to the hosts' bed ;) Panadol + drinks ka combined effect kaafi solid hoga, lol! And I can do visualise u puttin ur hand on ur heart and saying that its entirely ur fault that u havent been in touch lol, and i can also visualise the other hand on the person's shoulder , reassuring them that ur making every effort that it wont happen again lol!!!!!!!