Wednesday, August 08, 2012

New day

The most beautiful thing about life is that it is never still. It moves constantly, changing and evolving and growing. Another beautiful aspect of life is that we have the freedom to make choices. Sometimes we make the wrong ones but when we make the right ones life rewards you with a new day like this one. It's a beautiful new day and when I arrived to the office it was way too hot but I made the wise choice of turning up the air conditioning and now it's pleasant. The city is buzzing outside. The blue metro is taking people back and forth. The cars are zipping by. There's always music and there's always something productive to do in the day. I think may be I'm feeling so gung ho because I spent two days being sick. Don't ask. But now I'm all well and everything is fabulous with the world. I've found my words again and I feel like I could write forever. I'll be back later with lots and lots of words!


Gazal said...

When you realise the power of making choices that turn your world around and that the choice lies with YOU.Then everyday is a beautiful day.

soulitude said...

May every day be a NEW day for u and ever beautiful at that!