Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The block

I've been sitting staring at this blank page for quite some time now. The thing is I promised myself that I would continue to write on the blog regularly and like always I didn't keep that particular promise made to myself when writing seemed to flow easily like a waterfall or a forceful river. And as i write this I distinctly feel as though the words are drying up and it's such an effort to write anything. Writer's block they say... does everyone go through it? I wonder...

So I will write about the everyday small things because they are the easiest to come by. Someone said that it's the small things in life that matter so like always I will tell you that I'm listening to music and Enya just finished singing Caribbean blue. A soft song that can lull any insomniac to sleep... in a good way. The month of Ramadan is on and all the eating places are closed during the span of the day. (that's the thing you see when you get desperate to write something you say 'span of the day' instead of just 'the day').

I had a big English breakfast for lunch in one of the very few restaurants that are still serving during the day although their windows need to be shuttered according to the law. The office hours are shorter but everything is so quiet that you feel like making some noise just for the heck of it. I give up. I just don't feel like writing. Say nothing and be very very quiet for a long long time.

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soulitude said...

Strangely even I dont know what to comment on this post :) Writers block has a spill over effect too ;)