Thursday, November 13, 2014

Some pictures

I'd been wanting to take this picture for a while. Something about it reminds me of another picture I took many years ago at NID. Anyway today as I was sitting outside the office this courier guy stood in perfect silhouette and I got it.

I saw this bunch of merry flowers on my walk with Ninna. I'd been passing them by with a smile for a while and then I finally stopped one day to lock up their beauty on my phone. I stole a couple of blooms from this tree, the bougainvillea bushes and another flower whose name I don't know. I get very intimidated by people who know the names of each flower and bush and tree. I just recognise the prettiness of it all and try to record it as best as possible.

Yours truly being a goofball. Nothing new. Reminds me of one of the many names Anshuman has given me over the years - Little Baby Tweetiana.

And that's me. Three years old. Almost smiling but not quite. They dressed me up as Krishna for some reason complete with a flute and Peacock feather. 

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