Friday, November 21, 2014

The making of a home

I was at Pushpita's sweet home yesterday and it delighted me to see how beautifully the space has come together over the past year. So I took some pictures of this twinkling house which glimmers with so much love it fills my heart with sheer happiness.

My little babies in their little corner playing, fighting, screaming, squealing and generally driving their mothers nutty. In all fairness they sat and did their colouring for almost an hour like good little angels. Corners are so important in a space. So much depends on how well you do them. Pushpita totally gets it right I must say.

Ahana and Sohana at their little table. Paper and pastel colours equal joy for the babies and a sigh of relief for the mummies.

I love the little chair and the cute Hippo from the Africa pavilion in Global Village. Little knick knacks so tastefully put together are beautiful. And perfect lighting to go with it all.

Ankita relaxes to the music. That's another thing I love about Pushpita's home- there's always good music. Red paper hearts subtly accentuate the dining space. And I love the glittering lights around the window giving the home a forever festive look. I still remember when we walked into this empty studio apartment. Just look at what she's done with it. Pushpita you beauty, I'm a fan of your sense of aesthetics and love you to bits!

And this is how we look when we wake up. Very happy and very messy.

She doesn't like walking on grass. Yeah she's weird like her mother.


Monica Arora said...

a gud person always sees gud my dear , and you I feel is one of them! Little things bring us joy, yet we keep chasing the big and the unknown, haina?

Parul Gahlot said...

Thanks so much Monica :)