Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friday happiness

Friday mornings are perfect for a walk in the sun with Ninna. There are very few people about and one can wander around in peace. Just wanted to share a little beauty that surrounds my home. Found these lovely purple flowers basking in the light. So beautiful.

All those who wander are not lost. No some of them are sniffing fresh dog poop and peeing on it religiously.

I met this little girl gliding on her roller blades. We had a little chat and she told me my English is very good. I told her I would fall flat on my bum if I even tried to roller blade so she showed me a little demo. Well thank you Sara, you're so beautiful.

I collected some flowers and put them in this little vase. They looked so cheerful it made me smile. If you live in Dubai you'd know that flowers here cost an arm and a leg but when I look at these little blooms I realise they're just as beautiful and make me just as happy as orchids would.

Truly best friends forever. Going to Arte with Ankita has become a ritual I look forward to all month. There we are all goofy grins. She will return to New York next year and I admit I will be heartbroken but I won't think about that now.

I met Bhawna with her lovely candles. Her friend Anjali was wearing this gorgeous red dress and totally rocking it. It's wonderful to see people with a great sense of style. So we took a picture. Anjali moves to Canada next month and is already dreading the cold. That's the thing with Dubai, you meet people and before you know it they move away. It's so transient but then isn't everything in life...

I just fell in love with this doll. I wish I was five years old so I wouldn't feel so silly about falling in love with dolls at forty.

I got this beautiful heart which throws lovely shadows. Thank you Ankita for convincing me to pick it up. So totally worth it.

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