Friday, November 07, 2014

Dear November

The winter is in the air and I take the dog on three walks a day just to say hello to November. There are flowers everywhere and I just have to stop sometimes and close my eyes to feel the breeze on my face. The Neem trees sway with delight and I smile at them through my window every morning. I see people smiling more often as they pass you by. The children squeal with joy as they skate around in the courtyard. The bald motorcycle man has brought out his Aprilia again. And I feel nothing but gratitude for these small mercies of nature and so many things that life has bestowed upon me. So let me thank the universe for a cozy and comfortable home. A dog with the infinite ability to lick without judgement and sleep like an angel in the sun. A new job with amazing and exciting possibilities that make my heart flutter. A family that loves me unconditionally. A sister who finds the funniest memes on the internet and has hilarious dreams in which I clean the toilet with her new makeup brush assuring her she can always wash it and use it as she watches helplessly. Friendships that have lasted the test of time. A husband who regularly murders my favourite songs with his made up lyrics and when I throw a stern look his way, looks back at me with the eyes of a four year old which makes me burst out laughing. So thank you November. I love you.

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