Monday, November 17, 2014

The player

So I got up at 6:30 in the morning today which is insanely early for me. After a yummy idli breakfast I got ready for work even though I really felt like staying in and watching birds all day. I took Ninna down for her walk and saw a man walk out with a coffee mug from a building in the distance. He seemed familiar but I didn't pay much attention and proceeded to collect flowers for my little vase. As I plucked some beautiful magenta shaded blooms the man suddenly appeared out of the bushes and said,"Are those for me?" I jumped out of my skin and said,"No!" rather abruptly. By then Ninna lay down at his feet completely shamelessly with her paws in the air. He gave her a belly rub and said,"Ninna! It's been a long time." And then I remembered it was the same Moroccan man I'd met a few months ago February to be exact. I recorded that meeting too and you can read it here. Anyway I couldn't very well get away as he sat down on the grass and Ninna was in doggy heaven with all the belly rubbing. I had to have a conversation with him. He's a soccer player and at the moment out of a job trying to get a driving license so he can get a job with RTA. He reminded me of that good looking, 'cool' dude with a perfect physique in school who is a star at sports, sucks at academics, the girls love and guys envy. As he kept smiling his perfect teeth at me I thought of this woman for some reason, a very good friend of my mother who had a son at sixteen. And I thought if I had a son at sixteen he would be as old as this boy. So I asked him how old he was and of course he said,"I'm twenty four." I thought to myself,"You could be my son." But instead I smiled my best maternal smile and said,"I'm forty." And then I told him I needed to get to work. I had to drag Ninna with all my might to get her away from him.

I got to work and realised the only parking available needed me to parallel park. I tried. I really tried and failed. One butt cheek of my car was left slightly outside the line. The parking attendant wanted me to park properly. I told him repeatedly that I couldn't. Still he tried to help me by giving me directions and I still failed miserably. I apologised profusely. Finally he let me go with an indulgent smile.

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