Sunday, September 28, 2014

At the movies

 So it's been a while since I went out to watch a film so I decided to go by myself today afternoon. I was conflicted between watching 'Finding Fanny' and 'Khubsurat'. Finally Fawad Khan decided for me. He's a Pakistani TV actor and I recently watched this series called "Zindagi gulzar hai" starring him in the lead. I liked him plus the "Khubsurat" show was ten minutes later than "Finding Fanny". I needed the extra ten minutes and that clinched it. I got to the theatre ten minutes early, paid for the ticket and

forgot it at the counter. The man reminded me to pick up the ticket. I decided to browse the kiosks at Ibn Batuta mall which seem to have become a permanent feature. I tried on this ring which got stuck on my finger. I was seriously not trying to shop but now I realise that's only possible if I give up going to shops altogether. I pulled and tugged and tried hand cream but nothing worked. The Filipina manning the kiosk refused to let me walk to the washroom to try and take it off with soap and so I ended up buying it.                        

Anyway I went into the theatre and bought myself a cup of corn with everything. The man in front of me bought caramel popcorn, nachos and two cold drinks. When my turn came I realised he'd forgotten his car keys. I yelled out "Excuse me!!". He'd walked away quite a distance. I raised my hand and jingled his car keys. He came up to me, his hands completely occupied and just stood there helplessly. "There's no pocket on his shirt. Does he expect me to put his keys into the pocket of his jeans?!" I thought and just stood there looking confused for a few moments. Finally I dropped his keys into the bag with his cold drinks. He thanked me profusely and went away.

I got into the theatre and it was completely empty. Sonam Kapoor was terrible. Fawad was his usual charming self but didn't get much of a chance to showcase his talent. Kirron Kher had the funniest lines. The lead pair had zero chemistry. All in all it was an ok movie. I could've not seen it and passed my time some other way and it wouldn't have made a difference.

I had a veggie biryani at India Palace with nice raita, fresh lime and loads of papads. I could only finish half the biryani and got the rest packed for dinner. After paying I walked away without the takeaway bag. The man again reminded me.

I got home to my little girl and had a leisurely cup of chai and hated iTunes for the thousandth time. Due to compatibility problems I have to move music from a hard disc which won't work on my Macbook to a USB which works on both Mac and PC and then open the music on iTunes. The whole thing is pissing me off especially because I'm using my years old Samsung netbook to do the transferring. When I shared this with my husband he said,"Baby you're talking to someone who

plays CDs in his car." Anyway I had to vent somewhere and what better place than here. Those of you who use both Mac and PC will understand my woes.

Yesterday night a car's headlights gleamed on every little blade of grass in the lawn outside our building. Beautiful, isn't it?

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