Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Been a while

Just dropping by here to say hello. The dancing bug took a serious toll on me but let's forget about that. Now I'm fit and fine and I feel pretty good. I ended losing a few kilos because of it and hence have become almost lean. I never thought I would get down to the weight that I have now. I met my neighbour woman downstairs while taking Ninna out for a walk. I still don't know her name and she has lived across from our flat for the past five years. Anyway I digress. So she was thrilled that I'd managed to lose so much weight and when I told her about my illness she promptly said,"You're so lucky you lost so much weight! I wish I could!" I was aghast and told her,"God forbid that you should ever fall sick the way I did." Another friend called it a blessing in disguise. I would take all the weight back in a heartbeat and not be sick for a month and a half!

And that's my darling Ninna. I put her on top of the kitchen counter and she's forlorn because she's too much of a chicken to jump down from it. I'm such a meanie sometimes!

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