Tuesday, September 23, 2014


And yet another selfie in a white dress. Please excuse the expression, I was going for cute but ended up with retarded.

I've always loved white. So pure and pristine and so hard to keep it looking that way when you're a klutz like me but somehow I manage. My love for white dresses began as a teenager. I remember pestering my mother for a frilly white frock till she finally got one stitched from a neighbourhood aunty called 'Sardarni aunty' because she was sikh. Not very creative I know. I think there's a picture of me in it somewhere. I'm standing on a box bed with a guitar in my hands and my friend Sushmita is standing next to me in an identical frilly frock. It's quite funny but I can't seem to find it anywhere- the image not the frock.

At NID I would buy one white churidaar kurta from Bandhej every year. They were very expensive and still are. I recently bought another white one from there on my last trip to Ahmedabad a couple of months ago. Every year for my final jury I would be found dressed in a pristine white churidaar kurta from Bandhej. Now I collect white dresses preferably with pretty lace or embroidery. I've managed to collect quite a few from all over the place. Recently I wore a new one from 'The Shop' in Bombay. (Yes there's a shop called 'The Shop') I asked Anshuman how come he didn't notice my new dress to which he replied,"But you always wear white dresses." I think it's too much to expect him to remember all of them. His normal reaction to one of them is,"Oh Ninna and mamma are dressed the same today!" Sigh...

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