Sunday, November 17, 2013

A lovely day

When you wake up at noon and your mom hands you a cup of tea you know that you're home. You smile, you have a cup of tea and you know it's going to be a lovely day. My mother was appalled at the state of my hair and she slathered it with henna the first chance she had. I protested and then protested some more but of course that's really pointless when your mother wants you to do something. I mean parents will always make you feel like you've just never grown up. "You're treating me like I'm a fifteen year old girl!" I said. "Actually you're more like seven and a half." my father replied.

Papa and I went to the Great India Place mall in Noida. I wanted to pick up some books. On the way I saw the moon from the car window. It was a beautiful yellow moon and I just had to take a picture of it even though you can't quite see how big it was. You get the idea.

The mall was overflowing with people. It was fun shopping. Papa was so patient while I browsed around. There were lovely lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I talked for a little while to a little baby chewing her mom's bag. She had that joyous little smile that only babies have. They have no idea why they're smiling but they are truly happy in that moment and it never fails to warm my heart.

There were so many people shopping intently that sometimes I went into a shop and then just walked out because I couldn't make my way to the displayed items. As I stood in the aisle of fiction books someone or the other pushed me or my bag but somehow that didn't really bother me. When one comes to India one gets into this zone where pretty much nothing really fazes you which otherwise would. I looked for my tarot deck in the book shop but I couldn't find it. I'll try again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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