Saturday, November 30, 2013

There and back again

My apologies for having disappeared for the past ten days or so. You can understand that being with family can completely envelope you in a way that you forget everything else. Anyway here I am back in Dubai. Delhi was fabulous. The weather was perfect and being at home after a long time was wonderful beyond words.

I was fed something as soon as I opened my mouth. My sister kept me laughing with her never ending supply of jokes. Being in Delhi always means going back to my roots. The old albums invariably come up and I see the pictures of the tomboy that I was as a teenager and I remember what a charmed life it was. How loved I was. How loved I still am.

That's my beautiful mother. Had I been a fraction as beautiful as her I would have been gorgeous!

My father decided to continue working even after his retirement. I'm so glad that he did. He is still just as active and full of energy as he ever was. His love for singing is thriving and he keeps recording old Mukesh songs in his voice which we all love to hear. In fact he has quite a following on youtube.

And that's my baby sister Mini. She's eight years younger and I spent most of my time with her. It was just so wonderful to be with her after such a long time. She has the most bizarre sense of humour and she kept me in splits most of the time. Here's a small example..

Sis: don't make tea for me. Ask mummy to make.

Me: why?

Sis: because you make it so well, I can't digest it.

Me: what's that supposed to mean?
Sis: it means when scared give confusing answer.

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